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Get paid back for the data you don't use

Unlimited With Payback

Only U.S. Cellular gives you back $10/line every month you're under 3GB.
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Automatic Backup Internet

Keep your business online, even when your primary Internet service isn’t.

  • Protect your business with our:

    • $5/month backup internet plan
    • Business Router at 50% off MSRP

  • Our failover solution offers many benefits, including:

    • Backup internet that kicks in automatically
    • Only pay for the data you use
    • 3 year Router Warranty
    • 24/7 Failover Solution Support

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  • Geolocation and tracking capabilities
  • Digitalize tasks, workflows, and communication
  • Secure group messaging and corporate directory
  • Secure image, video, and audio transfers
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FREE Business Messaging Tool - 30 Day Trial up to 5 devices

Keep your business mobile.

Arm your employees and your business with the latest devices to help you get things done no matter where you are.
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